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Hello. Welcome to the religion page. The following list of books is only a small part of all the books that we have on hand. If you see something you're interested in, email us, being sure to state the title and price of book. If there's a book, author, or subject that you're interested in, email us and we'll see if we have it on hand, and will look for it if we don't have it. Our email address is:

Phone. 501-763-0752

The books on this list are listed alphabetically, by author, title or subject.


ADAM AND EVE, by John Erskine, pub. by Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1927. Ex Lib., blue cloth...Good...$20

ADAM'S LATIN GRAMMAR, pub. 1849. Full tan leather...Good...$

ADAM'S LATIN GRAMMAR, pub. 1849. Full tan leather, some cracking at spine...$

THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH, by George Hodges, pub. by Harper and Brothers, 1906. A detailed account of the operation of the St. Georges Parrish of New York City. Illustrated. Green cloth...Good...$15

THE AGE OF HATE, by George F. Milton, pub. by Coward-McCann, 1930, First Edition. Ex library, blue cloth...Good...$15

THE ALTAR AT HOME, pub. by the American Unitarian Association, 1867. Selections and prayers for domestic worship. Black cloth...Good...$20

AN AMERICAN COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, edited by Alvah Hovey, pub. by American Baptist Publication Society, 1884. 8 volumes...Good...$

AN ORIGINAL DRAUGHT OF THE PRIMITIVE CHURCH, pub. London, 1717. Full tan leather, back missing, cover and title page loose...$

THE ANCIENT ECCLESIASTICALL HISTORIES OF THE FIRST SIX HUNDRED YEARS AFTER CHRIST, pub. London, 1650. Full tan leather, covers and first couple of pages are loose, but all text is there...$

ANNALES VERTERIS TESTAMENT, pub., London, 1650. Rebound in black cloth...Good...$

ANTHON'S NEW GREEK GRAMMAR, pub. by Harper and Brothers, 1844. Full tan leather...Good+...$40

THE APOCALYPTIC BEAST AND MYSTIC BABYLON, by T. R. Gates, pub. by Dickinson, 1858. "Serious consideration of unbelievers of every description." Green cloth...Good...$40

APOSTOLIC BAPTISM, by C. Taylor, pub. by Dodd, 1850. Facts and evidences of the subjects and mode of Christian Baptism. Black cloth...Good+...$40

ARABULA or THE DEVINE GUEST, by Andrew Jackson Davis, pub. by Banner of Light Pub. Co., 1867. Contains a new collection of Gospels. Brown cloth...Good+...$50

BAPTIST MEMORIAL AND MONTHLY RECORD, edited by Enoch Hutchison, pub. by Hatch, 1851. 12 very nice steel engravings. Black leather...Good...$50

THE BAPTIST WAY-BOOK, by Ben Bogard, pub. by Baptist Sunday School Committee. Blue cloth...Good...$

BEAUTIFUL BIBLE STORIES, by Patricia S. Martin. Pub. by Southwestern Co., 1964. Oversized , many very nice illustrations. Lettering on spine is a little dulled, otherwise...VG...$25

THE BIBLE CHRISTIAN MAGAZINE, pub. 1853. Brown leather, marbled boards, leather missing from spine...$

THE BIBLE CHRISTIAN MAGAZINE, pub. 1868. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

BIBLE DICTIONARY, pub. by Cassell, Peter and Gaplin. Many very nice illustrations..Full black leather...Good...$

BIBLE DOCTRINE OF THE SOUL, by Charles L. Ives, pub. by Claxton, Remsen and Haffelfinger, 1878. Brown cloth...Good...$15

THE BIBLE GALLERY, illustrated by Gustave Dore, with a memoir of Dore and descriptive letter-press by Talbot Chambers, pub. by Cassell, Peter, Galpin and Co.1880. Illustrations speak for themselves. Brown Victorian cloth, nicelydecorated, small tear in cloth at bottom of spine, still this is a very nice copy...$150

BIBLE HISTORY IN SUNDAY READINGS, by Kitto, pub. by Cummings. Many very nice full-page illustrations. 2 volumes, black leather...very nice set...$150

THE BIBLE IN PICTURES, edited by Rev. Ralph Kirby, pub. by Greystone Press, 1852. Many, many, many very nice illustrations. Brown Cloth...G+...$20

BIBLE READINGS FOR THE HOME, pub. by Review and Herald, 1951. Red cloth...Very Nice Copy...$10

THE BIBLE STORY, by N. M. Hall, pub. by King-Richardson, 1906. Many very nice illustrations. 2 vol., blue cloth...Good...$

BIBLE STUDY COURSE, by J. R. Kaye, pub. byThe Student's Bible Co., 1917. Black cloth...Good+...$

BOOK OF MARTYRS, by Rev. John Fox, pub. Edwin Hunt, 1845. Full brown leather, gilt decorated...Good condition...$125

BOOK OF MORMON, pub. by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, 1920. Black cloth...G+...$20

BOOK OF MORMON, pub. 1920. Black cloth...VG...$25

BOOK OF RELIGIONS, by John Hayward, Boyd and Boswell, 1843. Brown cloth...VG...

BOSTON'S WORKS, , pub. 1729. Full leather, covers loose...$

THE BOYHOOD OF PATRICK LYNCH, edited by Charles Blake, pub. 1907. Blue cloth...Good....$

BUDDHISM AND CHRISTIANITY: A PARALLEL AND CONTRAST, by Archibald Scott, pub. by David Douglas, 1890. Black cloth...Good...$40

BULLIONS' LATIN GRAMMAR, pub. New York, 1862. Full tan leather...Good...$

CAPTAIN ALLEN GARDINER, by Jessee Page, pub. by Partridge, London, c. 1890. Illustrated. Green cloth...Very Nice Copy...$40

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, pub. by Catholic Editing Co., 1912. Many illustrations. Three volumes, red leather...Good+...$

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, pub. by the Encyclopedia Press, Inc., 1914. An international work of reference on the constitution, doctrine, discipline and history of the Catholic Church. 16 volumes, black leather...G+...$400

CENNICK'S DISCOURSES, by John Cennick, pub. Dublin, 1756. Full tan leather, covers loose, text good...$

THE CHRISTIAN EXAMINER, 50 volumes pub. in 1800's. Black leather, most in good condition...$

THE CHRISTIAN GUARDIAN AND CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE, pub. London, 1826. Brown leather, marbled boards, loose cover, text good...$

CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE, pub. London, 1850. Black leather, marbled boards...Good...$

CHRISTIAN BAPTISM, by F. G. Hibbard, pub. 1845.

THE CHRISTIAN GUARDIAN AND CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE, pub. London, 1828. Brown leather, marbled boards, loose cover, text good...$

CHRISTIAN MILLENIUM, by Josiah Priest, pub. 1828. Full tan leather, front cover cracked, text good...$

CHRISTIAN REPOSITORY AND RELIGIOUS REGISTER, pub. by Balfour and Clarke, 1817. Brown leather, marbled boards, spine repaired...$

CHRISTIAN REPOSITORY AND RELIGIOUS REGISTER, pub. by Balfour and Clarke, 1819. Full leather, loose covers, text good...

CHRISTIAN REPOSITORY AND RELIGIOUS REGISTER, pub. by Balfour and Clarke, 1820. Full leather, loose covers, text good...

CHRISTMAS DAY AND ALL THE YEAR, pub. by George H. Ellis, 1886. Part of the Christian Register Series. Victorian cloth, blue, very nice copy...$30

CHILD'S LIFE OF CHRIST, by Hesba Stretton, pub. Winston 1901. Nicely illustrated. Cloth...Good...$25

CHRISTIANITY AND MODERN THOUGHT, pub. Boston 1873. Brown cloth...Good...$

CHURCH DISCUSSION: BAPTISTS AND DISCIPILES, pub. by St. Louis Baptist Pub. Co., 1873. The Ray and Lucas debate. Brown cloth...Good...$100

THE CHURCH MAGAZINE, pub. London, 1839. Brown leather, marbled boards, spine repaired...$

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE, pub. by James Burns, London, 1837, Januray to June issues. Brown cloth, covers loose, text good...$

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE, pub. London, 1844. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

CLIMBING THE ROPE or GOD HELPS THOSE WHO TRY TO HELP THEMSELVES, by May Mannering, pub. Lea and Shepard, Boston, 1868. Brown cloth...Good...$

COBBINS COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE, by Ingram Cobbin, pub. by Selmar Press. Many very nice full-page illustrations. 2 volumes, black leather...Good...$100


COMMENTARIES ON THE TWELVE MINOR PROPHETS, by John Calvin, pub. Edinburgh 1837. Black cloth...Good...$

A COMMENTARY, CRITICAL AND EXPLANATORY ON THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, by Jamison, Fausset and Brown, pub. by Collins, Sons and Co., Glasgow. Brown cloth, nicely decorated...Good...$35

COMMENTARY ON THE ACTS, by Horatio B. Hackett, pub. by American Baptist Publication Society, 1882. Brown cloth...Good...$25

COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF JOB, by Leonard Chappelow, pub. Cambridge 1752. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

COMMENTARY ON THE HARMONY OF THE EVANGELISTS, by John Calvin, pub. Edinburgh 1846. Black cloth...Good...$

COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, by John Trapp, pub. byZondervan Pub. House, 1958. Red cloth...Good...$10

COMMENTARY ON THE WHOLE BIBLE, by Jamieson, Fausset and Brown, pub. by Zondervan. Brown cloth...Good+...$

COMPLETE ANALYSIS OF THE HOLY BIBLE, by Nathaniel West, New York 1800. Black leather...Good...$

COMPLETE WORKS OF REV. ANDREW FULLER, pub. 1848. 2 volumes, full tan leather...Good...$

CONTEMPLATIONS: MORAL AND DIVINE, pub. London 1676. Full tan leather...Good...$

COURSE OF LECTURES, by R. D. Hampden, pub. London 1848. Gray cloth...Good...$

CYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE, by John Kitto, pub. by American Book Exchange, 1881. 2 volumes, Brown cloth...Good...$60

CYCLOPEDIA OF METHODISM, pub Philadelphia 1881. Very nicely illustrated. Black leather, cracking at spine...$75

THE DEATH OF CHRIST, by James Denney, pub. by Hodder and Stoughton, 1903...Brown cloth...Good...$

DEBATE: CAMPBELL AND RICE, pub. by Skillman and Son, 1844. Full tan leather...Good...$200

DEBATE ON BAPTISM, conducted by J. B. Moody, pub. by Brandon Printing Co., 1889. "The place of baptism, and its design, in the Gospel economy are considered." Brown cloth...Fair-Good...$45.

DEVOUT MEDITATIONS, pub. 1751. Full tan leather...Good...$

DIARIES AND LETTERS OF PHILLIP HENRY, M. A., by Matthew Henry Lee. Pub. Kegan, Paul, Trench and Co., 1882. Green cloth...G+...$30

DICK'S WORKS, pub. New York, 1836. Full tan leather, gilt decorated...Good...$

DICK'S WORKS, pub. Hartford 1846. Full tan leather, gilt decorated, some cracking of spine...$

DICK'S WORKS, pub. by Applegate and Co., 1859. Two volumes, full tan leather, minor cracking of one spine, but an overall nice set...$

DICTIONARY OF THE HOLY BIBLE, by John Brown, pub. by Harper, 1829...Full tan leather...Good...$50

DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE, pub. by American Tract Society, 1859. Illustrated, with engravings, maps and tables. Black cloth...Good...$40

A DISCOURSE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD AND OF OURSELVES, by Sir Matthew Hale, pub. by William Shrowberry, 1688. Full leather, front cover and title page loose, text good...

THE DISTUINGUISHING DOCTRINES OF THE BAPTISTS, by J. B. Moody, pub. Nashville, 1901. Blue cloth...Good...$

THE DIVINE LEGATION OF MOSES DEMONSTRATED., by William Warbuton, pub. London 1837. Two volumes, black leather, taped at spines....Text good...$

THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE, by Emanuel Swedenborg, pub New York 1853. Black cloth...Good...$20

LECTURES ON RHETORIC, by Hugh Blair, pub. New York, 1819. Full tan leather...Good...$40

THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES, pub. by the International Bible Students Association, 1910. Part of the Studies in the Scriptures Series. Red cloth, Very Nice Copy...$15

THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH, by John Owen, pub. by R. Boulter, 1677, Tan leather, cover loose, text is good...$

EDWARDS ON REVIVALS, pub. New York 1832. Full tan leather...Good+...$

ELEMENTARY GREEK GRAMMAR, by William Goodwin, pub. by Ginn and Heath, 1880. Black leather...Good...$20

ENGLISH DEVOTIONAL LITERATURE, by Helen C. White, pub. by Haskell House, 1966. Prose selections from 1600-1640. Black cloth...Good...$20

ENQUIRY INTO THE LIFE AND WRITINGS OF HOMER, pub. London 1736. Second Edition. With fold-out map. Full tan leather, loose covers...$

THE EPISTLE TO THE READER, by Ben Keach, pub. London, 1682. Full tan leather, covers loose...$

ESSAY ON THE PROBATION OF FALLEN MEN, pub. William F. Geddes, 1827. Flexible red leather, small piece missing from top of spine, otherwise...Good...$50

AN ESSAY TOWARD THE PROOF OF A SEPARATE STATE OF SOULS BETWEEN DEATH AND RESURRECTION, pub. 1729. Full tan leather, front cover loose, part of preface is missing...$

ESSAYS ON THE DUTIES OF PARENTS AND CHILDREN, by Cyrus Comstock, pub. Hartford 1810. Full tan leather, cracking at spine...$30

ESSAYS ON THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECTS IN RELIGION, by Thomas Scott, pub. 1826. Full tan leather...Good+...$50

THE ETERNAL EPISTLE, by S. P. Long, pub. by Heer Printing Co., 1908. Black leather...Good...$20

EVANGELICAL FAMILY LIBRARY, by Philip Doddridge, pub. by American Tract Society, no publication date given, but appears to be the turn of the century. 15 volumes, black leather...Good+...$450

EVENING EXERCISES FOR THE CLOSET, by William Jay, pub. New York, 1833. Full tan leather...Good...$

EVIDENCES OF THE EXISTENCE AND ATTRIBUTES OF THE DEITY, by William Paley, pub. by Meriam, 1830. Full tan leather, front cover loose, text good...$

AN EXPOSITION OF THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS, by John Owen, pub. Edinburgh 1812. Seven volumes, brown leather, much of leather is missing, many loose covers, text good...$

AN EXPOSITION OF THE FAITH OF THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS, COMMONLY CALLED QUAKERS, by Thomas Evans, pub. by Kimber and Sharpless, 1828. Full leather, front cover loose, text Good...$50

FAIR WARNINGS TO A CARELESS WORLD, by Josiah Woodward, pub. London 1736. Some great plates. Full tan leather, cracking at spine...$

A FAITHFUL NARRATIVE, by Jonathan Edwards,

FIFTY YEARS IN RETROSPECT, pub. 1926. The history of Our Lady of the Rosary of Sparkill, New York. Some very nice old illustrations. Gray cloth...Good...$

THE FIRST CARDINAL OF THE WEST, by George Cardinal Mundelein, pub. by New World Pub. Co., 1934. The story of the Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Very nice illustrations. Brown cloth...Good...$20

FIRST LESSONS IN GREEK, by J. W. White, pub. by Ginn and Heath, 1880. Black leather, Good...$20

THE FORGIVENESS OF SIN, by John Owen D.D. Practical exposition of Psalm 130. Leather...Good...$50

A FOUNTAIN SEALED, by Richard Sibbes, publ London, 1637. Full tan leather, front cover loose, text good...$

FOUR MINUTE ESSAYS, by Dr. Frank Crane, pub. by Wise and Co., 1919. 10 volumes, brown leatherette, small books...Good Condition...$

THE FRIENDS OF CHRIST IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, by Nehemiah Adams, pub by Marvin and Whipple 1853. Brown cloth...Good...$20

FRIENDSHIP, by Hugh Block, pub. by Fleming and Revell, 1903. Blue cloth...Very Nice Copy...$30

FROM EARTH TO HEAVEN, by A.P. Graves, pub. by Revell, 1877. Sermons, Bible readings and reform papers. Brown cloth, very nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$40

FUTURE LIFE or SCENES IN ANOTHER WORLD, by George Wood, pub. by Derby and Jackson, 1858. Red cloth, cloth torn at top of spine, still a nice copy...$25

GLEANINGS FROM THE SCRIPTURES: MAN'S TOTAL DEPRAVITY, by Arthur Pink, pub. by Moody Press, 1979. Book and DJ...VG...$15

GODS IMAGE IN MAN, by Henry Wood, pub. by Lee and Shepard, 1892. "Some intuitive perceptions of truth." Brown cloth...Good+...$20

GOLDEN THOUGHTS ON MOTHER, HOME AND HEAVEN, by Theo. L. Cuyler, pub. by Garretson and Son, 1882. "Inspirational selections from literature of all ages and all lands." Very nice illustrations. Brown Victorian cloth, very nicely decorated...Nice Copy...$35

GOSPEL MUSIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, by Anderson and North, pub. by Sterling, 1979. Many illustrations. Book is in very good condition, DJ is torn at top...$15

THE GOSPEL- MYSTERY OF SANCTIFICATION, by Walter Marshall, pub.1792. Full tan leather...Good...$

GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN, by Rudolf Steiner, pub. by Anthroposophic Press, New York, 1933, First Edition. Blue cloth...Good+...$30

GOSPEL STANDARD, pub. 1868. Black leather, marbled boards...Good...$

A GRAMMAR OF FREETHOUGHT, by Chapman Cohen, pub. by the Pioneer Press, 1921. Tan cloth...Very Good...$

THE GREAT CONTROVERSY BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN, by Mrs. E. G. White, pub. by Pacific Press, 1890. Nicely illustrated. Brown cloth...A Nice Copy...$30

GREEK COURSE IN ENGLISH: COLLEGE, by William C. Wilkinson, pub. by Phillips and Hunt, 1884. Part of the After-School Series. Gray cloth, nicely decorated...A Good Copy...$20

GREEK COURSE IN ENGLISH: PREPATORY, by William C. Wilkinson, pub. by Chautauqua Press, 1887. Part of the After-School Series. Brown cloth, nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$20

GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, by Joseph Henry Thayer, pub. by American Book Co., 1889. Green cloth...nice copy...$60

A GREEK GRAMMAR FOR THE USE OF LEARNERS, by R. A. Sophecles, pub. Hartford, 1842. Full tan leather...Good...$25

GREEK GRAMMAR FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, by James Hadley, pub. by Appleton, 1881. Black leather...Good...$20

A GREEK READER, pub. New York, 1852. Full tan leather...Good...$

HANDBOOK FOR BIBLE CLASSES, by Prof. James MacGregor, pub. by T. and T. Clark, appears to have been published late in the 1800's. Covers Exodus, chapter 15 - end. Blue Victorian cloth...Good...$12

HANDBOOK TO THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS, by A. W. Meyer, pub. by Funk and Wagnalls, 1884. Black cloth, torn at spine...$

A HARMONY OF THE FOUR GOSPELS, by James MacKnight, pub. London 1752. Two volumes, full brown leather, covers loose, text good...$

HEBREW AND ENGLISH LEXICON, by William Gesenius, Pub. by Crocker and Brewster, 1836. Brown leather, marble boards...Good...$60

HIBBARD ON BAPTISM, pub. New York, 1843. Full tan leather...Good...$

HISTORY OF METHODISM IN GREAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA, by Rev. W. H. Daniels, pub. by Methodist Book Concern, New York, 1880, First Edition. Many very nice illustrations. Brown leather, front cover loose, text and illustrations are good...$75

HISTORY OF THE BAPTISTS, by Thomas Armitage, pub. by Bryan, Taylor and Co., New York, 1887, First Edition. Nicely illustrated, many full-page. Black leather, front cover loose, text and illustrations good...$100

HISTORY OF THE BAPTISTS, by John Christian, pub. by Sunday School Book of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1926. "From the first settlement in the United States till 1845." Green cloth...Good...$40

HISTORY OF THE COVENANTERS BY THE AUTHOR OF THE HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION, ETC. Presbyterian Board of Pubblication. Black leather. Two volumes. Good....$100.00

HISTORY OF PRIESTCRAFT, by William Howitt, pub. by Effingham Wilson, 1833. Covers Quakers. Brown cloth...Good...$125

A HISTORY OF THE JEWS, by Solomon Grayzel, pub. by The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1960. From the Babylonian exile to the establishment of Israel. Illustrated. Blue cloth...G+...$15

HISTORY OF THE PURITANS or PROTESTANT NON-CONFORMISTS, by Daniel Neal, pub. by Charles Ewer, 1816. An account of their principles and their attempt at further reformation of the church. 5 volumes, full leather, one loose cover, text good...G...$200

THE HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION OF RELIGION IN SCOTLAND, by John Knox, pub. Glasgow, 1831. Brown leaher, front cover loose...$

HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY, by J. H. Merle D'Aubigne, pub. by American Tract Society, 1847. Full leather, one cover almost loose, text food...

HISTORY OF THE SUFFERINGS OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, by Rev. Robert Woodrow, pub. Glasgow, 1828. Brown leather, marbled boards, some loose covers and missing boards, text good...$

HISTORY OF THE VARIATIONS OF THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES, by Jaques Bossuet, pub. by Richard Coyne, 1836. Cloth...G...

HOLY BIBLE, pub. by the American Bible Society, 1866. Full leather, green, beautifully decorated...Very Good...$250

THE HOLY WAR, by John Bunyan, pub. 1794. Full tan leather...Good...$50

THE HOLY WAR, by John Bunyan, pub. New York 1859. Red cloth, cloth worn at top of spine...$25

THE HOUSE OF BISHOPS, pub. by the Churchman Co., 1907. Portraits of the living Bishops at that time. Blue cloth...Nice copy...$


THE IDEA OF GOD AS ACCEPTED BY MODERN KNOWLEDGE, by John Fiske, pub. by Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1883. Brown cloth...Very Nice Copy...$12

ILLUSTRATIONS OF SCRIPTURE, by Horatio B. Hackett, pub. 1850. Leather...Nice copy...$60

THE INTERNATIONAL LESSON ANNUAL, pub. Abingdon Press, 1960. Gray cloth...Good...$5

AN INTRODUCTION TO LATIN SYNTAX, by John Mair, pub. 1825. Full leather, cover cracked, text fair to good...$20

JESU LIF, by F. W. Farrar, pub. by Swedish Book Co., 1894. Many very nice illustrations. Green cloth, nicely decorated...A Good Copy...$

JOHN WYCLIF AND HIS ENGLISH PRECUSORS, by Professor Lechler, translated by Peter Lorimer, pub. by Kegan, Paul, Trench and Co., 1881. Brown cloth...Good...$

JOSEPHUS' COMPLETE WORKS, translated by William Whiston, pub. by Leavitt and Allen, 1853. Black cloth, nicely decorated...Good...$50


JUST A COUNTRY PREACHER, by B. R. Larkin. Brown cloth...Very Good...$10

THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY, by H.P. Blavatsky, pub. by the Aryan Theosophical Press, 1913. Blue Cloth, very nice copy...$75

THE KORAN, translated by George Sale, pub. by Burt, early 1900'S. Brown cloth...Very Good...$20

KRISTENS RESA, by John Bunyan, pub. by Hellstrom. Illustrated. Blue cloth...Very Nice Copy...$25

LA SAINTE BIBLE, by Rodolphe, 1744. Full leather, cover a little cracked, text good...$150

LATIN LESSONS, by R. F. Leighton, pub. by Ginn and Heath, 1878. Green leather...Good...$20

LATIN TUTOR, by Frederic P. Leverett, pub. 1845. Full tan leather, taped at spine...$

LE SAINT PRETRE, pub. Paris 1905. Black leather, marbled boards...Good...$

LEAVES OF GOLD, edited by C. F. Lytle, pub. Coslett Pub. Co., 1953. An anthology of prayers, memorable phrases, inspirational verse and prose. Brown cloth...Very Nice Copy...$

LECTURES, by Edward Griffin, pub. 1813. Full brown leather...Good...$

LECTURES ON HISTORY AND GENERAL POLICY, by Joseph Priestly, pub. London, 1793. Two volumes, full tan leather...$

LECTURES ON PRACTICAL SUBJECTS, by Rev. Henry Melvill, pub. by Stanford and Swords 1853. Black cloth, tear at top of spine...$

LECTURES ON RHETORIC AND BELLES LETTERS, by Hugh Blair, pub. by Lockwood, 1819. Full leather, cover cracked, text good...$40

LECTURES ON THEOLOGY, by Rev. John Dick, pub. 1841...2 volumes, full tan leather...Good...$

LEGENDS OF THE MONASTIC ORDERS, by Jameson. Pub. by Longmans, Green and Co., 1867. Illustrated, cloth, a really nice copy...$50

LETTERS ON MISSIONS, by William Swan, pub. Boston, 1831. Full tan leather, cracking at spine...$

LEXICON, by Benj. Hederici, pub. London 1739. Full tan leather, cover loose, test good...$

LEXICON OF THE LATIN LANGUAGE, by F.P. LEVERETT, pub. by Wilkins, Carter and Co., 1851. Full tan leather...Good...$60

LETTERS ON SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS IN ANSWER TO INQUIRING SOULS, William Holcombe, pub. by Porter and Coates, 1889. Brown cloth...Good...$40

THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF PHILLIPS BROOKS, pub. by Dutton, New York 1900. Vol one only, Black leather, gilt decorated...Good...$

THE LIFE AND LABORS OF REV. WM. STEVEN BALCH, by Rev. H. Slade, pub. 1888. Brown cloth...Good...$

LIFE AND WORDS OF CHRIST, by Cunningham Geikie, pub. by Appleton, 1887. Black cloth...Good+...$30

LIFE IN ISRAEL, by Maria T. Richards, pub. by Sheldon, Blackman and Co., 1857. Red cloth, nicely decorated, some of text is water-stained, but very passable...A good copy...$25

LIFE OF CHRIST, by Rev. H. H. Weld, pub. by Hogan and Thompson, 1850. Many very nice color plates. Red Victorian cloth, very nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$75

LIFE OF CHRIST, by Rev. Henry Rutter, pub. New York. Many very nice full-page illustrations. Full black leather, beautifully decorated, front cover loose...$

LIFE OF GRATTON, pub. by John Hull, 1805. Full leather, cover cracked, text good...$75

THE LIFE OF JESUS, THE CHRIST, by Henry Ward Beecher, pub. by Ford and Co., 1871. Many very nice illustrations. Brown Victorian cloth, very nicely decorated. Cloth has a tear at top of spine, still this is a very nice copy...$75

THE LIFE OF JOHN RODGERS, by Samuel Miller, pub. 1840. Gray cloth...Good...$15


LIFE IN UTAH; OR THE MYSTERIES AND CRIMES OF MORMONISM. J. H. Beadle. National Publishing Co. An expose' of the secret rites and ceremonies of the latter Day Saints. First edition with a foldout map. Green cloth, good to very good condition...$125

LIFE OF McCRIE, by his son, Rev. Thomas McCrie, pub. by William S. Young, 1842. Black leather...Good+...$40

THE LIFE OF OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, pub. New York 1899. Many very nice illustrations. Black leather...Good+...$

THE LIFE, TIMES AND CHARACTERISTICS OF JOHN BUNYAN, by Robert Phillip, pub. by Appleton, 1839. Black cloth, cloth on spine torn, ex lib., text good...$30

LIGHT FROM THE SANCTUARY OF THE ROYAL ARCH, by Charles Albert Snodgrass, pub. by Southern Publishers, 1932, First Edition. A treatise on Ancient Craft Masonry. DJ-Fair, Bood-Good...$40

THE LIGHT IN THE EAST, by Rev. John Fleetwod, pub. by National Pub. Co., 1872. From the story of Jesus, the Christ. Very nicely illustrated, many full-page. Full brown leather, nicely decorated, covers loose, text and illustrations good...$45

LILY OF ISRAEL of THE LIFE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, by The Abbe Gerbet, pub. Kenedy, New York, 1878. Green cloth, nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$

LIVES OF THE BRITISH REFORMERS, pub. Presbyterian Board of Publication. No publication date given, but it's very old. Has twelve portraits. Cloth, Good...$50

THE LOUISVILLE DEBATE: WHAT IS CHRISTIAN BAPTISM?, pub. by Trapp, 1871. The Weisiger Hall debate between Ditzler and Wilkes. Black cloth, cloth is torn on one side of spine, text is good...$150

MANUAL OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR, pub. Edinburgh 1812. Full brown leather...Good...$50

MARTYRS MIRROR, by Thieleman J. von Braght, pub by Herald Press, 1979. Illustrated. Book and DJ are Very Good....$

MATHER'S MAGNALIA, pub. Hartford 1820. Vol. one only, full tan leather...Good...$125


MATTHEW HENRY'S COMMENTARIES ON THE WHOLE BIBLE, pub. by MacDonald Publishing Co.. Six volumes...VG...$50

MEMOIRS OF REV. DAVID BRANNERD, edited by J. M. Sherwood, pub. by Funk and Wagnalls, 1884. Brown cloth...nice copy...$25

METHODIST MAGAZINE, pub. 1810. Full tan leather...Good...$

METHODIST MAGAZINE, pub. 1827. Full tan leather, spine cracked...$50

METHODIST MAGAZINE, pub. 1830. Full tan leather, spine cracked...$50

MORALS AND DOGMA OF THE ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES OF FREEMASONRY, pub. by Charleston, 1871, First Edition. Blue cloth...Good...$100


THE MOTHERS OF THE BIBLE, by Mrs. S. G. Ashton, pub. by Jewett and Co., 1855. Brown cloth...Very Nice Copy...$30

THE NEW PRIMER, pub. by William Allen. Cloth, tiny volume...$200

THE NEW GREAT IRON WHEEL, by J. R. Graves, pub. by Baptist Sunday School Committee, 1928. Blue cloth...Good...$10

THE NEW TE STAMENT, taken from the original Greek, pub. by American Bible Society, 1851. Full tan leather, a tear at top of spine, still a good copy...$40

THE NEW TESTAMENT, pub. 1839. Full tan leather...Good...$

THE NEW TESTAMENT, pub. 1859. Full tan leather...Good...$

THE NEW TESTAMENT, pub. by Gideons International, 1973. Aqua cloth...Very Good...$10

THE NEW TESTAMENT: AN HISTORICAL AND ANALYTIC SURVEY, by Merrill C. Tenney, pub. by Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1955. Brown cloth...Good...$

NEWTON'S WORKS, by the Rev. John Newton, including a memoir of his life, pub. by Carter and Brothers, 1851. His works complete in one volume, black coth, a small tear at top of spine, otherwise a very good copy...$100

NIGHT THOUGHTS ON LIFE, DEATH AND IMMORTALITY, by Dr. Edward Young, pub. London 1812. Full tan leather, cracking at spine...$

NOTES ON JOSHUA AND JUDGES, by George Bush, pub. New York, 1838. Brown leather, cracking of spine...$

NOTES ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, by John Wesley, pub. by Mason and Lane, 1837. Full tan leather...Good...$50

NOTES ON THE PARABLES OF OUR LORD, by R. C. Trench, pub. by Appleton, 1863. Black cloth, cloth tearing on spine, still a good copy...$

OBSERVATIONS ON ALL THE RADICES OR PRIMITIVE HEBREW WORDS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, by Edward Leigh, pub. London, 1662. Full tan leather, cover and first couple of pages are loose, but text is all there...$

OBSERVATIONS ON THE HISTORY AND EVIDENCES OF THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST, by Gilbert West, London 1747. Full tan leather, front cover loose, Text good...$

OLD DIARY LEAVES, by Henry S. Olcott, pub. by The Theosophical Publishing House, 1974. A History of the Theosophical Society. Six volumes. Books and DJs-Very Good...$90

THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET, by Mrs. L. B. Humphrey., pub. by Lothrop 1881. Inspirational poems with many very nice illustrations Brown cloth, very nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$

OUTLINE TO THE HEBREW BIBLE. Alfred S. Green. T and T Clark, 1909. Blue cloth, good condition...$25

OUR FATHER'S HOUSE, by G.R. Oakley, pub. by Mowbray and Co. Ltd., 1920, First Printing. "Talks to boys and girls about their church." Red cloth...G+...$15

OUR HOME, by Charles Sargent, pub. by King-Richardson Co., 1899. Some very nice full-page illustrations. Green cloth, nicely decorated...Good...$25

THE PANOPLIST AND MISSIONARY MAGAZINE, pub. Boston 1813. Full tan leather...Good...$

PARADISE REGAINED, by John Milton, pub. London, 1817. Full tan leather, nicely decorated, front cover loose, text good...$

A PARAPHRASE AND COMMENTARY ON THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS, by Archibald McLean, pub. London, 1820. Brown leather, marbled boards, covers loose, text good...$

A PARAPHRASE AND COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, by Daniel Whitby, pub. London, 1718. Vol. 2 only, full tan leather, cover loose, text is al l there...$

A PARAPHRASE AND NOTATIONS UPON THE BOOK OF PSALMS, by H. Hammond, pub. London 1659. Full tan leather, front cover loose, text good...$

PHILLIPS BROOKS, by Alexander Allen, pub. by Dutton 1907. Brown cloth...Good...$

PICTORIAL LIFE OF CHRIST, by Ira S. Dodd. pub. by The Christian Herald, 1912. Many very nice full-page illustrations. White cloth, very nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$35

A PILGRIMAGE TO JERUSLEM, by Charles Trumbull, pub. by the Sunday School Times Co., 1905. The story of the cruise to the world's fourth Sunday School Convention, held in Jerusalem. Red cloth...Good...$40

POLYGOTT BIBLE, pub. 1834, Boston. Full tan leather, little cracking of spine...$150

POLYGOTT BIBLE, pub. 1843. Full leather...Good...$175

THE POPULAR AND CRITICAL BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA, pub. Chicago 1904. Illustrated. 2 volumes, black leather, spine cracked on one volume...$

A POPULAR SURVEY OFTHE REFORMATION AND FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, by George Custance, pub. 1813. Cloth, covers loose, text good...$

THE POWER OF CHRISTIAN BENEVOLENCE, compiled byEdward Hitchcock, pub. by Hopkins, Brigman and Co., 1852. Illustrated in the life and labors of Mary Lyon. Some nice illustrations. Black cloth...Good...$25

A PRACTICAL EXPOSITION ON THE CXXXth PSALM, by John Owen, pub. by Dodd, 1806. Full leather...Good...$100

PRESBYTERIANISM: THE TRULY PRIMITIVE AND APOSTOLICAL CONSTITUTION OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, by Samuel Miller, pub. by Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1835. Black leather, front cover loose, text good...$35

THE PRINCE OF THE HOUSE OF DAVID, by Rev. J. H. Ingraham, pub. by Roberts Brothers, 1885. "All the scenes and wonderful incidents in the life of Jesus." Brown Victorian Cloth, very nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$15

PROVERBIAL PHILOSOPHY, by Martin Tupper, pub. by Wiley and Putnam, 1847. A book of thoughts and arguments. Black leather...Good...$40

THE RELIGION OF NATURE DELINEATED, pub. London, 1726. Full tan leather, covers repaired...a nice copy...$

THE RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCER, pub. 1822. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

THE RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCER, pub. 1823. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

THE RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCER, pub. 1824. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

THE RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCER, pub. 1826. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

THE RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCER, pub. 1829. Brown leather, marbled boards...Good...$

RELIGIOUS ISSUES, by Carroll Kendrick, pub. by Gospel Advocate Pub. Co., 1890. Rules and principles for Bible study, with many examplifications. Red cloth...Good...$100

THE RELIGIOUS WORLD DISPLAYED, by Robert Adam, pub. 1818. Full tan leather, cracking of spine, text good...$

REMINSCENCES OF THE BISHOPS AND ARCHBISHOPS, by Henry Codman Potter, Putnam, 1906, signed by Author. Many very nice portraits. Blue Cloth...Good+...$15

REPORT ON THE CALVIN NEW TRANSLATIONS, pub. 1847. Black cloth, some of cloth torn from top of spine...$

A REVIEW OF THE REV. J. B. JETTER'S BOOK: "CAMPBELLISM EXAMINED" , by Moses E. Lard, pub. by Lippincott and Co., 1857. Brown cloth, cloth on spine badly torn, text good...$75

THE RISE AND PROGRESS OF RELIGION IN THE SOUL, by Phillip Doddridge, pub. Boston 1818. Full tan leather...Good...$

THE RULE AND EXERCISES FOR HOLY LIVING, by Jeremy Taylor, pub. London 1674. Full tan leather, front cover loose, text good...$400

SACRED GEOGRAPHY, pub. Boston, 1813. Full tan leather, spines cracked...$50

THE SACRED MOUNTAIN, by J. T. Headley, pub. by Baker and Scribner, 1847. Some very nice full-page illustrations. Brown cloth...Good+...$30

SAINT AUGUSTINE, by John R. Musick, pub. Funk and Wagnalls, 1882. Illustrated. Brown cloth, nicely decorated....Good+...$20

THE SAINTS' EVERLASTING REST, by Rev. Richard Baxter, pub. by Gould, Kendall and Lincoln, 1844. Black cloth, some cloth missing from spine, otherwise...Good...$30

THE SALVATION OF ALL MEN, pub. by Bedington, 1824. Edwards against Chauncy... Full leather...Good...$125

SCHREVELIILEXICON, pub. New York 1825. Full tan leather...Good...$45

SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE, by Herbert Morris, pub by Ziegler and McCurdy, 1871. Many very nice full-page illustrations. Gray cloth...Good+...$30

SCOTT'S FAMILY BIBLE, pub. New York 1816. Full tan leather...Good...$

SCRIPTURE CHARACTERS, by Thomas Robinson, pub. London 1823. Full tan leather...Good...$

SELECT WORKS OF THE LATE THOMAS BOSTON, pub. by Fullarton and Co., London, 1844. Brown leather...Good...$

SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JOHN WESLEY, pub. by The Methodist BookConcern, 1918. Black cloth...$

THE SELF INTERPRETING BIBLE, pub. by Martin and Hoyt Co., 1905. Many very nice full-page illustrations. 4 volumes, black cloth, cloth has a small tear on one volume...Nice set...$

SERMON AT THE OLD JEWRY, by Thomas Amory, pub. London 1766. Full tan leather, cracking at spine, text good...$

SERMONS, by H. B. Basom, pub. 1850. Full tan leather, some of leather missing from spine...$

SERMONS, by Thomas Manton, pub. London 1684. Full tan leather, loose covers. text good...$

THE SERMONS OF SAMUEL CLARKE, pub London1742. Full tan leather, covers cracked at hinges, text good...$

SERMONS ON THE NEW BIRTH OF MAN'S NATURE, by Robert Wilberforce, pub. by Hooker, 1850. Black cloth...Good...$35

THE SEVEN GATES OF HEAVEN, by Rev. James L. Meagher, pub. by Russell Brothers, 1885. The teachings, dicipline, customs and manners of administering the sacraments. Gold cloth, nicely decorated...Very Nice Copy...$

SIXTY SERMONS PREACHED ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS, by George Smalridge, pub. Oxford 1724. Full tan leather, covers loose, text good...$

SKETCHES OF WESTERN METHODISM, by Rev James Finley, pub. by Methodist Book Concern, 1854, First Edition. Grey cloth...Good...$60

SMITH'S BIBLE DICTIONARY, by H. B. Hackett, pub by Hurd, 1869. 3 volumes, black leather, marbled boards...nice set...$120

SONGS OF PRAISE AND POEMS OF DEVOTION, with an introduction by Henry Coppee', pub. by Butler and Co., 1865. Elegantly illustrated. Full brown leather, beautifully decorated, front cover is loose, still this is an outstanding book...$100

THE SPARK IN THE CLOD, by Jabez Sunderland, pub. by The Beacon Press. "The effects of evolution upon religious thought." Blue cloth...VG...$20

THE SPIRIT LAND, by S. B. Emmons, pub. by Crown and Co. 1857. Gray cloth...$...$


SPIRITUALISM IN THE EVOLUTION OF RELIGION, by Ernest Thompson, pub. by Psychic Book Club, 1953. Brown cloth...Good...$30

SPURGEON'S SERMONS, pub. New York 1857. Black cloth, cloth torn on side of spine...$

ST. PAUL'S EPISTLE TO THE PHILIPPIANS, by Lightfoot, pub. by MacMillan and Co. 1885. Black leather...Good+...$

THE STORY OF THE WORLD'S WORSHIP, by Frank S. Dobbins, pub. by The Dominion Co., 1901. Many very nice illustrations. Gray cloth, Very Nice Copy...$30

STUDIES IN THE EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY, by Stephan Bulfinch Spencer, pub. 1889, first edition. Brown cloth...Good...$20

STUDY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, by Samuel Davidson, pub. by Longmans, Green and Co., 1868. 2 volumes, black cloth, cloth torn on spine of one vol...$

SUNDAY AT HOME, pub. 1874. Family magazine for Sabbath reading. Many very nice full-page illustrations. Brown leather, cover is cracked, text and illustrations are Good...$60

SYNOPSIS OF THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE, by J. N. Darby, pub. by Loizeaux Brothers, 1950. 4 volumes. Blue cloth...Good+...$40

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY, by Charles Hodge, pub. by Scribner, Armstrong and Co., 1877. Three volumes, Gray cloth, worn, text good...$

TALES OF THE DEVIL, by J.P. Grace, Andrus and Son, 1847. Cover has hole burned into it with a hot poker...G+...$75

TEACHERS' HANDBOOK TO BIBLE HISTORY, by Rev. A. Urban. Wagner Inc., 1905. Brown cloth...Good...$15

TELL IT ALL, by Mrs. T. B. H. Stenhouse, pub. by Worthington and Co., 1875First Edition. The author's story of life experiences in Mormonism, with an introduction by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Many very nice full-page illustrations. Grey cloth, worn, text and illustrations good...$125

THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTES, by Richard Watson, pub. 1836. 2 volumes, leather... ...Good+...$80

THEOLOGICAL WORKS, by Thomas Scott, pub. by William Woodward, 1810. 2 volumes, full tan leather, covers loose, text is good...$

TIMELY THOUGHTS ON RELIGIOUS MATTERS, by James Martineau, pub. Boston 1858. Black cloth, cloth torn on spine...$

TRACT NOMINATION, pub. 1626. Full tan leather...Good...$200

A TREATISE CONCERNING RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS, by Jonathan Edwards, pub. New York, 1777. Full tan leather, spine cracked, text good...$

TREATISES ON VARIOUS THEOLOGICAL SUBJECTS, by Thomas Scott, pub. by Clark and Lyman, 1819. Four volumes, full leather, a couple of loose covers, text is Good...

THE TRIENNIAL BAPTIST REGISTER, pub. by Baptist General Tract Society, 1836. Vol. two only. Brown leather, marble boards...Good...$75

TWELVE SERMONS UPON SEVERAL SUBJECTS AND OCCASIONS, by William Delaune, pub. by Williamson, 1728. Full leather, front cover missing, text good...

VEXED QUESTIONS IN THEOLOGY, by James Freeman Clarke, pub. by Ellis, 1886. Brown cloth...VG...

THE VINDICATION OF THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY AND EVER BLESSED TRINITY, by William Sherlock, pub. London 1690. Full tan leather, spine taped, text good...$

THE WHOLE WORKS OF JOHN FLAVEL, pub Glasgow 1754. Full tan leather...Good...$

THE WIT AND WISDOM OF CHARLES H. SPURGEON, by Richard B. Cook, pub. Lenox Pub. Co., 1892. Black leather, front cover loose...$

WITH THE CHILDREN ON SUNDAYS, by Sylvanus Stall, pub. by the Uplift Publishing Co.1911. Very nicely illustrated. Gray cloth...Nice Copy...$30

WOMEN OF ISRAEL, by Grace Aguilar, pub. by Appleton, 1852. Two volumes, black cloth, cloth a bit ragged, text good...$60

THE WOMEN OF METHODISM, by Abel Stevens, pub. by Carlton and Porter, New York, 1860, First Edition. Brown cloth...Good...$50

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE, pub. New York, 1849. Many very nice full-page illustrations. Full leather...Good...$75

THE WORKS OF HORACE, pub. London, 1760. Two volumes, full tan leather, covers loose, text fine...$

THE WORKS OF JOHN HOWE, pub. New York, 1837. 2 volumes, full tan leather...Good...$

THE WORKS OF JOHN JEWEL, pub. Cambridge, 1847. Black cloth, cloth missing from spine, text is good...$

THE WORKS OF MR. JOHN BUNYAN, pub. London 1767. Two volumes, full tan leather, covers loose, text good...$

THE WORKS OF VIRGIL, by Rev. J.G. Cooper, pub. 1834. Leather...Good...$40

THE WORLD TO COME, by I. Watts, D.D., pub. 1813. Discourses on the joys or sorrows of departed souls at death. Leather, some wear...$60


YOU CAN LIVE FOREVER IN PARADISE ON EARTH, pub. by Watch Tower, 1982. Good...$10


---------REPRINTS ----------------------------------------------------

BARNES NOTES, 14 volumes...$175

BRADFORD'S WORKS, 2 volumes...$




CLARKSON'S WORKS, 3 volumes...$

COMMENTARY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, by Keil and Delitzsch, 10 volumes...$

COMMENTARY ON GENESIS, by Delitzsoh, 2 volumes...$

COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE, by Henry and Scott, 3 volumes...$



EXPOSITION OF THE EPISITLE TO THE HEBREWS, by John Owen, pub. London, 1790. Full tan leather...Good...$


EXPOSITORY THOUGHTS OF THE GOSPELS, by Ryle, 4 volumes, paperback...$

FLAVEL'S WORKS, 6 volumes...$



A HISTORY OF BAPTISTS, 2 volumes...$

HISTORY OF THE PURITANS, by Neal, 3 volumes...$

JESUS OF NAZARETH, 6 volumes...$



THE LIVES OF THE PURITANS, by Brook, 3 volumes...$




PRACTICAL RELIGION, by Cryle, 4 volumes...$

PREACHING THROUGH THE BIBLE, 27 of 28 volumes...$

SERMONS BY PHILPOT, 12 volumes...$

SPURGEON'S SERMONS, 10 volumes...$90

SYSTEMIC THEOLOGY, by Hodge...3 volumes...$


THORNWELL'S WORKS, 4 volumes...$

TRAIL'S WORKS, 4 volumes...$

WORD STUDIES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, by Vincent, 2 volumes...$

WORD STUDIES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, by Vincent, 4 volumes...$

THE WORKS OF BACKUS, 3 volumes...$

THE WORKS OF BATES, 4 volumes...$

WORKS OF BRIDGE, 5 volumes...$


WORKS OF BUNYAN, 3 volumes...$OF MATTHEW HENRY, 6 volumes...$

WORKS OF JOSEPHIUS, 4 volumes...$


WORKS OF JOHN OWEN, 16 volumes...$

WORKS OF RYLE, 4 volumes...$

WORKS OF SIBBES, 8 volumes...$

THE WORKS OF WARFIELD, 10 volumes...$


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